Taylor Swift Gave Her Fans the Best—And Only—Concert Performance of 2016

Taylor Swift is back and better than ever.

Despite all of the drama surrounding the pop starlet this year—from feuds with Katy Perry and Kanye West, to breakups with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston—she gave her fans an unforgettable performance Saturday evening at the Circuit of  The Americas in Austin, Texas.

At least 80,000 lucky fans were able to catch Swift’s first, and only, public performance of 2016 after an 11-month break following the close of her 1989 World Tour. Wearing a bedazzled black romper, Swift absolutely owned the stage and performed some of her recent hits like “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space,” as well as a string of her now iconic classics like “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story.” She didn’t even let a little bit of a cold get her down:

“So here we are tonight in Austin…I have missed you so much,” Taylor said. “I haven’t played a show since we ended the 1989 World Tour last year—and this is going to be my only show of 2016. I got a cold three days ago, so I have to take a tissue break. I’ll sound 40 percent better after this.” She even gave her international fans a shoutout when she announced, “This show is really special, because we have a lot of people from all around the world who traveled intense journeys–planes, cars, buses and all the other ways. If you traveled from somewhere, thank you so much for doing that. It’s been 10 years since my first album came out, when I was 16. Since then, it felt like I’ve been opening up a journal and letting you read it.”

Oh, and if you were thinking Swift might use the concert stage to throw shade at Katy Perry or Kanye West? Think again. Swift remained tight-lipped about any “bad blood” between her and any other artist. She also remained tight-lipped about any new music from her upcoming, sixth studio album.

Either way, Swift’s fans absolutely freaked out when they realized Tay is back and stronger than ever. Even with a case of the sniffles. So far all of you that joined the #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty. Sorry guys, you were wrong.

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