This Man Confessed To Murdering A Toddler On Live TV

After agreeing to do a high-pressure TV interview, a man confessed to murdering, raping and strangling a 4-year-old girl on live TV and afterwards, alerted authorities about where he buried her body.

According to the Daily Mail, Himmet Akturk recently appeared on a Turkish TV show known for investigating family dramas and wound up cracking under pressure after host Muge Anli questioned him about a young girl named Irmak Kupal. The 4-year-old went missing in the Alasehir district of western Turkey’s Manisa Province while playing outside of her home. However, her case was quickly changed to “suspected kidnapping” due to a foot condition that would have prohibited her from walking far. In an effort to get some answers, the family sought out the show’s investigators.

During the broadcast, Anli reportedly pressured Akturk while asking about Kupal’s case, and almost immediately, Akturk broke down and confessed. He also admitted to raping and strangling her before disposing her body in a sack and dropping her in a public dumpster.

The next day, Akturk discovered that the dumpster had never been emptied, so he took the young girl’s body and buried it in a nearby vineyard. He was arrested immediately after his confession and provided more details to police.

Authorities went to search for her body in the vineyard and found her remains two days later. Watch the horrifying confession below.

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