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‘American Horror Story’ 2016 Stream: How To Watch Season 6, Episode 7 Online

American Horror Story

Not only are we a few days away from Halloween, which already makes the ordinariness of every day seem a bit creepier, but it’s also American Horror Story day. Yup, another Wednesday, another night terrified of falling asleep and being attacked by Kathy Bates. Same old, same old.

Tonight marks this season’s seventh episode, or as they appropriately call it “Chapter 7.” Based on the promos, producer Sydney has been watching the action unfold in the house via monitors in production offices and of course, has no idea what danger lies ahead. Welp, something tells us that won’t last long.

Audrey and the other actors don’t seem to believe that the mansion is actually haunted and believe that everything is actually being done by Sydney for the sake of the show. Another thing we don’t think will last long. Check out the promo for tonight’s episode:

American Horror Story never ceases to scare the f*ck out of me.

American Horror Story 2016 Season 6 Episode 7 Viewing Details

Date: October 26, 2016
Time: 10:00 P.M. ET
TV Channel: FX
Season: 6
Episode: 7
Title: “Chapter 7”

How To Watch Episode 7 “Chapter 7” of American Horror Story Online

You can watch Wednesday’s episode “Chapter 7” online on FX if you sign in using your TV provider. If you don’t have a cable TV provider, you might be out of luck… unless you can bum a login from a friend or make it a date night with a guy who also loves AHS.

How To Watch Episode 7 “Chapter 7” of American Horror Story on Mobile

Same deal on mobile. If you’d rather not lug your PC to your favorite couch, download the FXNOW app and sign in using your TV provider. From there you can watch the show on your portable device, but it’s probably best not to watch the show in the dark at home alone.

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