WATCH: A Man Dressed As A Construction Worker Destroyed Donald Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star

donald trump star walk of fame


Talk about starstruck.

After months of less-damaging vandalism, Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame got completely destroyed.

Deadline reported that a man, who identified himself as James Otis, used a sledgehammer and a pick-ax to destroy the star given to the Republican nominee for his hit show The Apprentice in 2007.

So how did James get away with this ballsy move? Well, he didn’t just stroll up to the star, unbutton his pants, and take a wiz on the Hollywood Boulevard landmark – he put some effort into it. Dressed as a construction worker, James set up barrier at 5:45 a.m. on Wednesday and went to town on the star. And it’s all on video. Check it out below.

James removed Trump’s name and the TV from the star. He told TMZ he plans to auction the pieces off in order to raise money for the legal defense of Trump’s sexual assault accusers. Noble, huh?

But this guy might want to stop bragging. According to TMZ, the plaque is worth $30,000 and police are on the case.

Let’s see how it plays out for him.

As for the star, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s president, Leron Gubler, told Entertainment Weekly that the organization will repair the site immediately.

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