The 4 Best Things To Do On Halloween, Besides Dressing Up

As kids, we loved Halloween. Dressing up, trick-or-treating and eating our body weight in candy… It was perfect! As we’ve gotten older, however, it’s gotten harder to actually feel excited about going out on October 31, especially when it’s on a weeknight.

Halloween in college basically either consists of eating an entire bag of Twizzlers on the couch or getting really, really drunk. Thankfully, we’ve come up with some fun alternatives to both of these slightly depressing options.

1. TREAT YO’ SELF and go shopping!

Remember all of that money you saved by not buying yet another impractical Halloween costume? Take yourself out shopping for the night and treat yourself to that cute top you’ve had your eye on for months now. New clothes just make so much more sense.

2. Have a movie marathon

Spend the night at home watching all of your fave movies, from Mean Girls to She’s The Man. We can guarantee it’ll be more fun than going out and having that guy in a banana costume (every party has one) throw up jungle juice all over you.

3. Cook yourself an amazing dinner

Skip the leftover takeout and make yourself a satisfying home-cooked meal. Check the web for delicious recipes and then hit the grocery store for all of the ingredients. It might take some time and patience but you’ll be left with a meal just like mom makes at home and not a bunch of belly-ache-inducing candy.

4. Invite your friends over for a spa night and sleepover


halloween things to do

Grab some refreshing cucumber masks from the store, break out your favorite PJs and buy all of your favorite snacks. You and your BFFs can spend the whole night gossiping, laughing and catching up on everything you might have missed in each other’s lives. It’ll be the most fun you’ve had on Halloween since you were a kid in a costume.

Whatever you decide to do on Halloween, have fun and stay safe!

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