Kesha Opens Up About Dr. Luke’s Abuse And How He Pressured Her To Starve Herself

As part of a new profile in the New York Times Magazine, Kesha opened up about the body shaming she experienced at the hand of her longtime producer, Dr. Luke, whom she’s been battling in court. She filed a lawsuit against him in October 2014, accusing him of physically, verbally, and emotionally abusing her for a decade.

“I was under immense pressure to starve myself. And I tried to and almost killed myself in the process,” the singer, 29, said in her interview.

After she began touring for her 2010 album, TiK ToK, Dr. Luke began making fun of her weight in public, calling her a “fat refrigerator.” The shame and stress of this abuse and life in the music industry caused Kesha to develop an eating disorder. She entered rehab for treatment in 2014. Kesha told the Times that treatment inspired her to redefine herself.

Early today, Dr. Luke’s lawyer released a statement in response to Kesha’s story in the Times. 

“This article is part of a continuing coordinated press campaign by Kesha to mislead the public, mischaracterize what has transpired over the last two years, and gain unwarranted sympathy,” Lepera wrote in the statement, acquired by People. “Kesha filed a shock and awe complaint of alleged abuse against Luke Gottwald in 2014 — for contract negotiation leverage. It backfired. She never intended to prove her claims… Nevertheless, she continues to maliciously level false accusations in the press to attack our client.”

The lawsuit has been big news for the past two years, and Kesha has to continue performing so she can pay her legal fees. This past summer, the singer dropped her claims against her producer in a California lawsuit to focus on a similar case in New York.

After the Times story was published, Kesha posted a photo on Instagram with a heartbreaking caption.

“There’s nothing harder than dreaming and working and fighting for something your whole entire life, since you were 3 years old, since you could speak. and you FINALLY achieve it. and then have someone else take it away from you. my heart has a giant hole in it and is literally aching and throbbing from sadness and loss. imagine someone owning your voice… and not letting you sing. singing is how I have dealt with everything in my life. and my right has been taken away.”

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