This Man Is Accused Of Posing As An Adult Film Producer So Women Would Sleep With Him

Mario Antoine is currently under investigation after allegedly luring girls to sleep with him by posing as an adult film producer. The 33-year-old would then reportedly use the explicit footage to extort the women later. He had just been in prison a month prior for a different crime.

According to a grand jury indictment revealed to Fox 4 Kansas City, Antoine is accused of posing as a talent manager, photographer, and cinematographer for international porn producers with names like “Dash Agency” or “Playboy Asia.” Antoine’s victims would reportedly be contacted by a woman named “Nicki” on Facebook, who would then ask them if they were interested in “adult modeling.” From there, Antoine would contact the girl directly under an alias to lure them to his home.

Dating back to 2011, Antoine reportedly promised large groups of women tens of thousands of dollars for performing in adult films, but insisted they would first have to prove they would be good on camera by having sex with him. While he would promise to pay upfront for the “audition” and a larger check once the film was actually made, victims complained that they never got a paycheck. Instead, Antoine extorted them by threatening to release explicit images to employers and their significant others.

According to a Department of Justice news release, Antoine told one of his victims that he wouldn’t release the photos if she paid him $9,000 or had sex with him. Another found that Antoine sent the explicit photos to her employer after she complained about payment. A third women says that Antoine sent the photos to her boyfriend, stating “she does porn.”

But this is far from Antoine’s first offense. According to the Daily Beast, Antoine was convicted in 2013 of posing as a wedding photographer and taking clients’ money prior to their big day. Once the wedding came around, he never showed up.

Antoine is currently in custody and facing charges of wire fraud, cyberstalking, online enticement, making false statements to federal agents, obstructing justice, extortion, and falsely registering a domain name. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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