Woman Reveals Creepy Love Notes Michael Jackson Sent Her When She Was 12 Years Old

Despite his death in 2009, Michael Jackson still proves to be a controversial topic of conversation. In latest news, an anonymous woman has come forward with several creepy love notes reportedly sent to her from Jackson when she was just 12 years old. She also claims that she was abused by the popular singer and was paid $900,000 to keep quiet.

The letters are disturbing to say the least, especially when considering her age at the time she received them.

“Your Valentine’s picture was so original and sweet,” one note to the young girl says. “I love you sooo much also you’re making me love you even more, the more I talk to you. I’m crazy about you. All my love Michael, the Monopoly King.” In another note, Jackson wrote that he “real [sic] liked” talking to the girl, despite the fact that she “cannot play Monopoly.” He ended it with, “But I love you and miss you every much. All my love, Michael.”

A final note showed Jackson begging for the victim to come visit him. “Please come and see. Your mother and dad are nice. Bye. I love you soooooo much. M.J.”

According to reports, the abuse started in 1986 when visiting his Hayvenhurst mansion with her mother and continued through puberty. According to TMZ, the King of Pop invited the girl and her mother to see his “candy area.” Once there, the woman claims he fondled her genitals while kissing her on the mouth and body. When the girl turned 16, the woman says Jackson started writing checks to keep her quiet. Initial payments went from $2,500 to $600,000 in 1993. Them from 1993-1996, the woman received $900,000. She is currently suing for unspecified damages for emotional distress, negligence and more.

Jackson’s estate attorney has since tried to discredit the claims.

“This is yet another attempt to hit the lottery by suing the Estate of Michael Jackson more than seven years after Michael’s death and close to 30 years after these incidents supposedly occurred. We believe this claim was created from whole cloth and is without any merit. It’s also no coincidence that this woman is represented by the same attorneys involved in two other frivolous claims against the Estate.”

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