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The New iPhone Is The Size We’ve Been Waiting For


We know, we know… the iPhone 7 just came out and you’re probably still on a waitlist (or deciding if it’s worth upgrading). But rumors have already started flying about the iPhone 8, and it got our attention because it’s going to be available in a third size.

Allegedly, the phone will have a five-inch display and will be sold in addition to the current 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models that are already available. This new, perfectly-sized phone is coming in 2017, and we’re actually pretty pumped. I was super turned off by how large the iPhone 7+ is–I don’t think that phone would fit in the pocket of any pants I own– but my 6S has been feeling a little small lately. So, this new, in-between size seems like the solution to my ultimate first-world problem.

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Other changes to expect for the iPhone 8? It’s rumored that they’ll have glass backs instead of the current metal casings (umm, will there still be a rose gold option?), and people are hoping for a full-screen interface. Next year will be the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, so we’re expecting them to pull out all the stops for the newest phone’s debut. At the top of my wish list? PLEASE make un-shatterable screens.

In the meantime, hack your current iPhone to get amazing Instagram photos.

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