13-Year-Old Girl’s Mother Publicly Shames Her for Sexting

On Wednesday, a concerned passerby in Riverside, California saw a young girl, crying on a street corner, holding a handwritten sign reading, “I’m 13 and I ask for dick pics.” The passerby, a woman named Krista Wilson, took some photos of the teenager and the sign and shared them to a local Facebook group, hoping to get more information.

“You could see [the] tears running down her face,” Wilson posted along with the photos. “Grown men were reading it and laughing [at her].”

The photo of the girl and her sign quickly went viral in the Facebook group, though there was a broad difference of opinion. Some people felt that the girl deserved to be shamed, and others agreed with Wilson’s blame on the child’s mother.

13 year old mother public shaming sext


“The line between who they are and what they did is really blurred for teens,” Elizabeth Davis, PhD, a psychology professor University of California, counteracted to NBC Los Angeles. “[Shaming is like] heaping self-doubt on something already volatile.”

Wilson and several others contacted the Riverside police department to see if officials would look into the issue. They spoke to the girl’s mother, and concluded that no crime had taken place, and that she had a right to discipline her child.

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