Girl Posts ‘Revenge’ Photo Of Semen On Her Face To Prove She’s Also Cheating

So yeah, cheating sucks. I’m sure I don’t have to say. But you know what sucks even more? Physical evidence. Whether you walk in on the side piece happy ending, get sent a video, or see a sext, all ways suck. But for those seeking revenge, documenting is the only way to do it, despite how vile the whole thing might be.

Enter this girl, who got revenge on her cheating boyfriend by dabbling in cheating herself, then capturing a horrifying photo of herself to prove it. Because it’s so NSFW (and I kind of gagged while looking at it), we’re not posting it, but you can view the image in its entirety here. For those who don’t want to risk the nausea here’s what the photo is of: a girl holding a sign that reads “Tim, I can cheat too,” while her face is covered in semen.

Yes, s-e-m-e-n.
The photo has since gone viral (sadly for the girl) and was recently uploaded in Lexington, Tennessee with the caption “Morning.”

We don’t totally know WTF Tim did, but we believe it’s safe to assume that he’s a real tool. But is he a big enough tool that you sacrifice your hair like that? We’re gonna say no. Here’s hoping she has some good deep conditioning treatment.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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