This Halloween Prank Is The Most Savage Thing We’ve Ever Seen

You probably didn’t think there was anything more annoying than getting raisins or apples when you went trick-or-treating on Halloween as a little (or not-so-little) kid. Can’t we have one day that’s just about candy?

But now, there’s a bigger threat than bite-sized boxes of craisins… and it comes from evil genius Mark Sparrow. See his tweet below:

As one of the lucky few who never had to eat Brussels sprouts growing up, this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. Mr. Sparrow has since clarified that the tweet was just a joke, but since it’s gone viral, I’m thinking too many people have seen this easy, traumatizing prank.

Once the Brussels sprouts are covered in chocolate, they look like any other candy–even a fancy truffle. But I can’t even imagine the mix of shock and repulsion an unknowing trick-or-treater would face after biting into it. Just another reason to stay in this year!

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