Are Taylor Swift And Drake The Next Celebrity Power Couple?

Apparently, there’s a potential new major celebrity power couple for us to get behind. Rumors have been widely circulating that Taylor Swift and Drake were seen getting close at his recent 30th birthday bash. Could this mean that Drake will soon be the topic of one of Swift’s breakup tracks? We wonder what Tom Hiddleston and Rihanna would have to say about these rumors.

Sources have also said that the pair is nothing more than friends but… we’re not too sure. At Drake’s party, Swift was introduced to the rapper’s mom. Even though it wasn’t a private meeting between the two, Drake made it a point to have Swift introduced to his mother, with whom the rapper is incredibly close. This is apparently a sign that Swift is now in Drake’s inner circle. Maybe it was also a major relationship step? According to The Cut, “The only person he spent more time with other than his mom was Taylor.” That sounds like something could be sparking between the two famous singers.

We also know that Taylor Swift has always been a fan of the rapper and there’s video proof.

On the other hand, Swift and Drake would be a¬†pretty random romantic pairing, so we don’t know how much truth there is to these rumors. There also weren’t any photos of them together, which is kind of odd. Without pics, who knows whether they were actually “canoodling” or were just ¬†conversing like friends. Regardless, Drake and Rihanna are #goals and we’re still rooting for them to get back together.

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