12 Celebrity Tattoos That Will Give You Total Ink Envy

We all express ourselves in different ways, from how we carry ourselves to our clothing style to our hair color. Body art has become more and more popular, from piercings to tattoos. Perhaps the most ubiquitous way of self-expression is getting inked. We commemorate a life-changing experience, we honor an important figure, or we think a design is just straight up pretty and we don’t need a sentimental reason, Mom.

More and more tattoo trends have come about, from using white ink to getting inked in unconventional areas, or even buying a tattoo gun online to test your artistic skills and seeing if anyone is willing to sacrifice some skin. While there has been some debate about a tattoo’s permanence and the chance of disliking it later on, I view tattoos as capturing how we felt at a specific time in order to create a timeline of moments that make up our identities.

Here are the latest tattoos celebrities have received that may inspire you the next time you go under the needle.

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