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Everything You Need to Know About the New Macbook Pro 2016

New Macbook Pro


Start saving, because the new, revamped Apple Macbook Pro has arrived and we promise you are going to want it.

It’s been quite a while since Apple has given the Macbook Pro line a serious update, but with all of the new features and updates (and, of course, a hefty price tag to go along with it) the wait was more or less justified. Last May, the series of laptops got a bit of a refresh, but nothing all too excited was added compared to what the notebook can now offer. For those of you in the market for a new laptop (ie. us), we’ve laid out all of the most important and relevant info about the new Macbook Pro. We for one, are especially loving the new Space Grey color option and the Touch Bar. However, if you were hoping for an update of the Macbook Air, we’ve got some bad news: Apple has officially retired the Macbook Air line with the introduction of the new Macbook Pro 2016.

Release Date

The new Macbook Pro 2016 line was officially unveiled Thursday, October 27 in the afternoon at an Apple Special Event on the Apple Campus. The models are expected to ship around 2-3 weeks following the reveal, meaning you can get your hands on one just in time for the holidays.


There are three new models of the Macbook Pro 2016 available: the 13-inch without a Touch Bar, 13-inch with a Touch Bar and a 15-inch model also with a Touch Bar. The 13-inch without a Touch Bar will cost $1,499, the 13-inch with a Touch Bar will set you back $1,7999 and the 15-inch with the Touch Bar will cost a whopping $2,399. We’ve got our eye set on the 13-inch with the Touch Bar.

The Touch Bar

The Touch Bar is the new feature on the Macbook Pro 2016 that will probably be getting the most buzz, as it’s beautifully designed and pretty damn cool. According to Tech Radarit measures “60 pixels high and 2,170 pixels wide, it grants quick-access to virtual controls while integrating a TouchID sensor for logging in and authenticating Apple Pay.” It is also completely customizable to meet your personal wants and needs, meaning you can access iTunes and other applications through it. Touch ID, similar to that on your phone, will also be possible through the new Touch Bar.

The Techy Stuff

The new Macbook Pro lags a bit behind other companies like Dell and HP in terms of processing power by choosing to stick with the sixth-generation Skylake chips, however, users are still going to see massive improvements in speed and power. “We’re bound to see massive speed improvements across the board in addition to impressive battery lives, even if the specs don’t quite stack up against Kaby Lake,” say Tech Radar. Apple also confirmed at the Thursday event that up to four USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 ports will be present in place of traditional USB ports. And for all of you who don’t want to let go of the headphone jack, fear not, it’s present despite the presence of two-to-four USB-C ports (depending on your configuration) and Bluetooth serving as alternatives.

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