Kim Kardashian Has Made a Return to Social Media… Only to Throw Shade at Taylor Swift

The Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift feud is definitely not over yet.

Kim Kardashian, who has been on an almost month-long hiatus from social media following her traumatic robbery during Paris Fashion Week, made a very brief return to Twitter late Friday evening. However, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star didn’t tweet anything of her own, rather, she liked a tweet from Us Weekly that pretty much threw direct shade at Taylor Swift. In the tweet from Us Weekly, the gossip magazine asks: “Is Calvin Harris shade ex Taylor Swift in his new ‘My Way’ music video?”

Fans were quick to point out that Kim liked the Us Weekly tweet and even captured screen shots for photographic proof.

Although it’s unclear whether or not Kim liked the tweet intentionally, considering that she removed her like pretty quickly, we have a feeling it was no accident.

Do you think the Kimye and T-Swift will be re-ignited by Kim’s social media behavior post-robbery?

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