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11-Year-Old Boy Dies After Mother Allegedly Locks Him in the Closet For Over 3 Years

Yonatan Daniel Aguilar Murder Case

KTLA-TV Channel 5/L.A. Times

Yonatan Daniel Aguilar was locked in a closet for over three years, sedated by sleeping aids, until he died, according to grim new documents released by the Los Angeles Times.

The 11-year-old boy was last seen at his Los Angeles County elementary school, where teachers had previously contacted child services to report incidences of food hoarding and other obvious signs of neglect, including a black eye. Social services investigated the reports and the child’s home with his mother, Veronica Aguilar, but found nothing that warranted taking the boy out of her care. Reports indicate that Yonatan may have been autistic,

Aguilar, who was disgruntled by the social worker’s visit, reportedly pulled the boy out of school, after which he was not seen again, according to The Washington Post. The LA County Department of Children and Family Services was not legally allowed to investigate the boy’s household following his disappearance, according to the L.A. Times report.

Yonatan was not seen again until August 2016, when he was discovered by his stepfather, Jose Pinzon (who believed the child was living in Mexico), wrapped in a blanket in Aguilar’s closet, lifeless and losing his hair. When the 11-year-old’s body was discovered by the authorities, he was surrounded by medicinal cups and only weighed 34 pounds.

Veronica Aguilar, 39, has since been charged with child abuse and murder. She faces a $2 million bail and has pleaded not guilty. If convicted, she could face up to 15 years in prison, which if you ask us, is not nearly enough time for this horrific crime against an innocent child. When confronted by her stepfather upon the discovery of the child’s dead body she said, “I took care of the problem by ruining my life.”

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