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Which Celebrity Had The Best Costume Of Halloween 2016?

Kylie Jenner Halloween costume 2016 xtina


Happy Halloween! When we were kids the fun may have been in picking the perfect costume, but as adults, it’s also pretty fun to see the costumes of your favorite celebrities. Though your parents may have hesitated in splurging on store-bought costumes from Party City, famous people tend not to have any boundaries in picking their outfits, including intricate prosthetics and elaborate creations to achieve their spooky, sexy or hilarious looks.

This year was no exception. Celebrities went all out in their attempts to achieve the best costumes of the holiday. This year’s winner? We’ve got to give this one to Kylie Jenner. Expectations weren’t exactly high, but her Xtina costume was perfect. And wearing leather chaps requires some bravery, so kudos.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite celebrity costumes of Halloween 2016, including photos of Kylie Jenner’s “Dirrty” outfit, Beyonce’s TLC tribute and more.

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