Blac Chyna Allegedly Cheated On Rob Kardashian & The Other Man Is Telling All

It’s no secret that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian‘s relationship has been a struggle, but after new reports that she cheated on Kardashian while they were together surfaced online, things have only gotten worse. According to Radar Online (and an exclusive interview with the man himself), Blac Chyna cheated on Rob Kardashian during a rough patch in their relationship with old friend Pilot Jones, an up-and-coming singer and actor. Shortly after news broke, Rob Kardashian was reportedly under investigation by the LAPD after he threatened Jones via text. While the pair has remained silent on the matter, Jones is speaking out and being shady AF.

“I met Blac Chyna a couple years ago at a party that I was hosting in West Hollywood. We just kind of crossed paths,” Jones told Radar. “She’s been a really really great friend. We’ve hung out. We had a lot of fun together.” But according to a supposed insider, the two’s initial platonic relationship quickly turned physical while she was dating Rob Kardashian and she never mentioned that she was already seeing someone.

“We never really talked about Rob,” Jones said. “He never came up in a conversation or anything like that. So I’m not sure of when exactly they were together or were not together. I found out with everyone else! But I guess she would’ve been dating Rob when we were in Atlanta in March.”

When questioned about those steamy makeout photos, Jones didn’t exactly answer what the deal was. “Who wouldn’t want to kiss Blac Chyna? She’s beautiful. There’s really no explanation. I guess a picture’s worth a thousand words!” he explained.

Sketchy right? The photos are proof of something… but who knows when they were actually taken. As for Blac Chyna’s take on the situation, she says Jones is trying to extort her and that he’s actually gay.

“Ok let’s state facts,” she wrote in a recent Instagram post regarding the cheating allegations. “Let me start off by saying this young man is GAY!!! The only reason we took those pictures other than me trying to be a good friend was so he could send it to his boyfriend to make him like jealous & say he’s going back to girls… This was over two years ago people!!! I never had sex with him! NEVER EVER! Nothing ever happened past these pics.”

She also accused him of sending the images to Radar Online because he has a new song coming out. “But now I understand why you put these pictures out ! Ohhh because you have a song with Trina you trying to get your fucking name popping?!?” she wrote.  “Or are you mad at the fact that I did my Chymoji app without you dumbass JC ?!?? Your greedy ass wanted a cut of something that wasn’t yours and u [sic] came at my lawyer asking for crazy money!!! U [sic] really mad?!?! Like you really stooped this low?!?! Coming for a b*tch that’s due in a few days! Really trying to start beef with my fiancé !!! Your [sic] a f*cking joke!”

In a separate post, Blac Chyna showed an email correspondence where she was asked to give Jones $150k. “This is why he’s mad & trying to extort me,” she wrote. “You really think I’m suppose [sic] to cough up $150k to you??? I work hard my coins [sic]! Right plan wrong woman.”

Yikes. The whole thing sounds pretty sketchy and honestly, we’re with Blac Chyna on this one — dude is a liar. Who do you believe? Sound off in the comments below.

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