Victoria’s Secret Skips The Photoshop, Shows Angel Jasmine Tookes With Stretch Marks

Victoria’s Secret has been known to butcher their photoshop. In a world where the average size of the American woman ranges from 12-16 and body positivity is on the rise, there’s still organizations that refuse to give in to the new norms and keep the unhealthy ideal alive. Sadly Victoria’s Secret is one of those companies. But in a recent photo shoot with Angel Jasmine Tookes, the photoshop was nonexistent, to the point where viewers could even see stretch marks.

Dressed in a $3 million Bright Night Fantasy Bra, the 24-year-old model can be found seductively posing on a grey lounge. Naturally she looked stunning — it’s kind of hard not to when your body is literally covered in 450-carat diamonds — but the best part about the photos was that she actually looked real. The seemingly unretouched pictures feature stretch marks on her upper thigh and butt.

Check them out:




AMAZING ON SO MANY LEVELS! Fingers crossed these photos stay as they are and aren’t changed later on.

It’s refreshing to see such a large lingerie brand doing away with the unrealistic ideas of what a woman’s body should look like. When Aerie stopped using photoshop in 2014 with their #AerieREAL campaign, they got a massively positive response, and their parent company American Eagle has reportedly seen a 20 percent boost in sales because of it. And with curvier models like Ashley Graham and Danielle Brooks taking centerstage, we’re moving in a positive direction.

Can everyone just get onboard already?


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