Kim Kardashian Has Finally Broken Her Silence On Social Media

Kim Kardashian has been mute on social media since her traumatic robbery in Paris in early October. Later on that month, the popular reality star returned for a hot second to throw shade at Taylor Swift by liking an Us Weekly tweet talking about how Calvin Harris bashed Swift in his new video. While we did enjoy the fact that despite everything, Kim still has that bad b*tch in her, now she’s literally breaking her silence on her own social media channels by returning to Facebook after a month-long hiatus. Naturally, we are eternally grateful.

Kim Kardashian

First the newly 36-year-old shared a glamorous photo of herself promoting her favorite line of cell phone cases. Seen in what looks to be a white robe, Kardashian posted a photo with the text “Downtime #LumeeCollab.”

Afterward, Kardashian shared two more articles from her personal website, one of which was an adorable Halloween montage from Kourtney that showed all of their epic costumes throughout the years.

As expected, her fans were stoked to have her back, even if it was just for the night. “Welcome back Kim! We missed you it’s good to have you back. Hope you are having a Happy Halloween!” one person wrote. “Welcome back Kim! And living your life. ‘Cause life is the most precious gift afterall [sic]” another added.

While Kim has yet to come back to other platforms like Instagram and Twitter, we’ll take what we can get. She also has yet to publicly comment on the Paris robbery, though sources say she is blaming herself and having a hard time coping with the situation’s aftermath. However, her minor Facebook activity infers that she must be making headway. It’s the little battles, right?

Welcome back, Kim! We’re happy to have you.

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