Ryan Lochte Might Have Been Kicked Off DWTS, But Now He’s Excited To Start Planning His Wedding

We’ve had our doubts about Ryan Lochte since that whole lying at the Olympics thing went down, but when he went on season 23 of Dancing With The Stars, we had to admit that the man had some serious moves. Sadly, last night he was eliminated from the competition (it was the second biggest disappointment of the season, next to Amber Rose getting the boot a few weeks ago), but Lochte has bigger plans now: planning a wedding.

Cue the communal “awwwww!!!!!!!!”

Lochte announced his engagement to girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid in early October, when he posted an adorable Instagram photo of the couple standing on a mountain kissing. It was very cute, to say the least (as was the giant rock he put on her finger). Now that he’s been eliminated from DWTS, he’s ready to start planning his wedding.

Now that the show is over for me I can sit down, take a deep breath and start thinking about the wedding,” he told People after the elimination show aired. “That’s what we’re going to be doing for the next nine months, 10 months, or however long until our wedding date.”

According to Lochte, he knew he wasn’t going to win the entire show, but also doesn’t have any regrets.

“The people, the friendships that I’ve made here — we’re pretty much a second family now,” he said. “Now I’m saying goodbye, it’s sad. I’ll be back in two weeks for the finale, though, so I can’t say all my goodbyes yet.”

The 32-year-old professional swimmer announced his departure on Instagram with the caption “We had a great run. Thank you for being so patient with me and teaching me how to dance. Ur truly amazing person and dancer. Our friendship will last forever. Thank you!!!”


Partner Cheryl Burke also revealed her appreciation in an interview with People.

“Just getting to know him [has been my favorite part,]” she told People. “Showing America that he’s just a normal guy. I guess [it] stops people from judging when you don’t really know somebody. Ryan is really down to earth, humble — he’s just a normal dude. If I had a brother, I would compare him to that.”

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