The FSU Cannibal Killer Told Police That He ‘Ate Something Bad’ The Night Of The Murders

Austin Harrouff was a typical 19-year-old FSU student until the night of August 15, when he barged into the garage of John Stevens and Michelle Mischcon and stabbed them numerous times. Jeff Fisher, the couple’s 47-year-old neighbor, reportedly heard the commotion and rant to the Stevens’ home to help, promptly calling 911 after he too suffered stab wounds from Harrouff. By the time police arrived, Harrouff was found on top of Stevens and eating chunks of his face. It took an unusual amount of force to subdue him, but after tasering him and using a police dog, he was finally arrested. Now several months after the traumatic event, new disturbing details about that night have surfaced.

According to police documents obtained by CBS 12, Harrouff immediately told police that he was not high despite the heinous crime he committed. “Test me. You won’t find any drugs in me,” he reportedly said upon arrest. He also yelled at the deputies, saying “F*cking kill me, f*cking kill me, shoot me now, I deserve to die!” before being arrested, according to the Sun Sentinel.

But the most disturbing details came after he was taken into custody, when he told police, “Help me, I ate something bad.” When one of the Martin County Sheriff’s deputies asked what he ate, he simply replied with “humans.” When he was transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center, a nearby detective reportedly saw Harrouff spit human flesh from his mouth. He also found human hair inside his mouth, according to the arrest warrant.

At the time, Sheriff William Snyder theorized that the boy could have been under the influence of a synthetic drug similar to flakka or bath salts, though authorities are still waiting on more thorough test results. “The hospital checked what they call routine drug screen for marijuana, cocaine, opioids and a few other drugs, there was none of that in his system,” Snyder said.

Harrouff’s mother also called police the night of the attack after he had been telling her that “he feels immortal like a superhero” and was “here to protect people.” He had reportedly gotten into an argument with his father that night and stormed out of a restaurant only 45 minutes prior to the couple’s murder.

While Harrouff refused to speak to the case’s detectives, he did talk to Dr. Phil in an interview that has yet to air. He faces two counts of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, resisting an officer and armed burglary, and is expected to heat to a grand jury this month.

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