This Wedding Of A Russian Oil Tycoon’s Daughter Will Put Your Dream Wedding Pinterest Board To Shame

Get ready to totally revamp your “dream wedding” Pinterest board because I assure you – it’s not as amazing as this.

When the kid of a Russian oil tycoon gets hitched, no expense is spared. Just ask Madina Shokirova, daughter of the oil tycoon Ilkhom Shokirova, who tied the knot with a man named Sador in what was probably the most lavish wedding in the history of the world. And for once, I’m not being dramatic.

According to the Daily Mail, Madina’s Zuhair Murad gown alone cost over $555,000. Add in a 10-foot tall cake, 900 guests, and a full night of entertainment – yeah, that check is something I’d like to see.

Feast your eyes on the extravagant event below, straight from the lucky souls who got to experience it firsthand.

I assume they were going for “understated” and “charming.”

Like I said, I want to know how much that shindig costs (and yes, I’m aware it’s probably more than most countries have cumulatively).

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