Kim Kardashian Deleted All Of Her Recent Facebook Posts Since Breaking Social Media Silence

When Kim Kardashian made a quick social media appearance in late October, we (along with the rest of her mega fanbase) were thrilled. First it was to throw shade at Taylor Swift by liking an Us Weekly tweet saying that Calvin Harris’ latest music video was a blatant dig at his ex. Then she shared several posts on Facebook, the first being a glamorous photo of her checking through her phone, the second was a Halloween montage post from Kourtney that showed all of their epic costumes throughout the years, and the last was a post from her personal website. But only a few days later, the posts were deleted, and Kim is back to being silent on social media.

So what’s the deal? According to an insider close to the 36-year-old reality star, she’s still reeling from the robbery trauma and the posts were never meant to go up. “The posts were an error. She’s still figuring out when is the right time for her to come back,” the insider explained to Us Weekly.

As expected, she’s still recovering from the traumatic robbery in Paris, where five masked intruders broke into her luxury apartment, and gagged and bound her in the bathroom while they rummaged through her things. They made off with an estimated $10 million in jewelry, including her wedding ring from Kanye West.

However, despite her lack of social media activity, she has made some low-key appearances since the incident happened. On October 24, Kim was photographed with her BFF Jonathan Cheban while grabbing some fro-yo. The following three nights she was seen joining Kanye West backstage at his L.A. concerts at The Forum.

So there’s some amount of progress, right? But nothing will be as good as her returning to social media. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.

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