Giveaway: Win A Copy Of ‘Nerve’ Starring Emma Roberts To Get A Much-Needed Adrenaline Rush

Would you have the nerve to do something totally crazy and out of your comfort zone? For us, it depends. If it’s skydiving, we could possibly muster up the nerve to do it. Wading underwater in the cage with sharks attacking it? Not so much. That’s why it was always better to pick truth instead of possibly being faced with an awful dare. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Emma Roberts and Dave Franco didn’t get that memo.

Nerve took the classic game of truth or dare to the extreme. The Emma Roberts and Dave Franco flick concerned itself with a high school senior (Roberts) who gets involved in the titular game of Nerve. In the film, Roberts finds herself in this twisted game with Franco’s character. The two’s actions are controlled by the “watchers” and the tasks only get riskier and more terrifying as they go along. Check out the trailer for the movie below to get a feel of this high stakes game of Nerve.

We’re not sure that we could handle what Roberts and Franco’s characters went through, especially in real life. But what we can handle is giving you the change to watch it for yourself.

What’s something that you would never have the nerve to do? Post your nightmare dare on Twitter or Instagram using “#CCNerve” for your chance to win a copy of Nerve on DVD. Contest ends next Friday, November 11, so get thinking.

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