These Texas Women Spent A Combined $90,000 On Plastic Surgery So They Could Look Like Ivanka Trump

Tiffany  Taylor and Jenny Stuart might have gone off the deep end, but at least they feel pretty. The two women (both from Texas) have spent a combined $90,000 to make them look more like Ivanka Trump, the quasi-feminist daughter of GOP candidate Donald Trump.

To get the look, Tiffany Taylor, a 33-year-old mother of three and self-proclaimed aspiring socialite, has had breast implants, cheek fillers and a nose job. She’s also gone under the knife to get liposuction, fat grafts and an eye lift. She currently works in the oil and gas industry, and lives on a farm, but has has managed to spend $60,000 to acquire her desired aesthetic.

“I like Ivanka Trump’s classic features,”she explained during an interview on ABC’s Dateline. “That’s kind of what I’m modeling myself after.”

Jenny Stuart, 36, has gotten a Brazilian butt lift, breast enhancement, a nose job and filler in order to achieve the “classy, pretty” look she believes Ivanka emanates. Her look cost a hefty $30,000.

According to Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, this isn’t the first time he’s encountered clients looking to get a bit closer to Ivanka’s look. “Breasts or nose or face, she has such a pretty face shape. This is not the first patient that’s come in with a picture of Ivanka Trump,” he explained. “She is very beautiful and she’s very poised.” I didn’t think you could achieve a poised demeanor through plastic surgery, but hey, what do I know?!

According to Dr. Rose, not much; women have been visiting him for the past four months asking for similar procedures.

“She’s the star of the media at the moment and she’s disarmingly beautiful,” he said. “You get a lot of J.Lo, everyone wants her buttocks, but over the past four months it’s been all about Ivanka. Most patients under 45 come in with pictures on their cell phone to show me.”

Interestingly enough, virtually no one comes in wanting to look like her step-mother, Melania Trump.

“Melania’s face is a little severe. She gets a lot of Botox, I think Ivanka and her might go to the same surgeon because Ivanka has had fillers and Botox over the years too,” he explained.

So how did things turn out for these women? Well, here’s a few photos of them below.

For reference, this is what Ivanka Trump looks like:

So yeah… they look nothing like her, IMO. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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