Zendaya Just Came Out With a New, Inclusive Clothing Line, Continues To Be Amazing

Zendaya can now add clothing designer to her already extensive resume. The actress recently came out with a clothing line, named “Daya,” which she launched on her website and brand new app.

One of the best things about her new line is that it was made with everyone in mind. The line is androgynous and doesn’t come with too hefty of a price tag for many of the pieces. The prices range from $18-$158 and include a wide range of styles in everything from silk dresses to military jackets. In a Racked article, Zendaya spoke about how she wanted the line to be very inclusive. She said, “That was something that felt like a no-brainer… something that had to happen for me. I can’t just talk the talk, you know? I can’t just say all this stuff about inclusivity… and then not actually do it when it comes down to my own stuff.”

We’re loving everything that Zendaya’s saying. And we’re totally buying what she’s selling. Her line looks fabulous! To celebrate the launch of the line, pop-up shops with the “Daya” line will be opening on November 5th in NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles. There’s even a chance that Zendaya herself could appear at one of the locations!

If you can’t make it there, check out Zendaya’s site, DayaByZendaya.com, to shop all of the looks. In the meantime, take a look at the gallery below to get a good idea of how fantastic the Daya line truly is.

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