LuvByrd Is Here To Help Find Your Perfect, Sporty Match

Have you ever gone out on a date with someone and found out that you have nothing in common with them? Yeah, it’s the worst. It’s awkward and pretty disappointing. Luckily, LuvByrd is an innovative dating service hoping to cure the problem of awkward silence and dating disappointments. LuvByrd focuses on matching its users with others who also share an interest in sporty and high energy activities. It’s currently available online and as an app, so it’s super simple to sign up and start matching. The service will match you with others who share an active interest in everything from hiking to skydiving. The new dating site/app will connect you to others who are game to venture into everything and anything outdoorsy. LuvByrd isn’t just a place for love, it’s a place for adventure.

We interviewed the CEO and founder of LuvByrd, Mike Keshian. Check out what Keshian had to say on everything from LuvByrd’s unique matching process to how he found love on his very own app.


Brian Schroy

Could you tell us a little bit about LuvByrd?

LuvByrd is the number one dating app for outdoor enthusiasts. We launched in 2014 with just a website, and in 2016 we rolled out with both iOS and Android apps. Users on the app or site can seek out their ideal partner based on the outdoor activities they enjoy most.

How did you come up with the idea for LuvByrd?

The idea came to me while living in Crested Butten when I kept seeing ads for and thought there should be one for skiers. Instead of limiting it to just skiers, I decided to include the whole outdoor industry.

How does the matching process work?

Matching is simple. When you create your profile you list all the activities you enjoy. Once you’ve completed your profile you can then log in and search for your partner based on any activities we have listed in the search section of the site. That will bring up anyone with one for all of those activities you were searching. You can also click on any of the activities from someone’s profile and that will also bring up everyone with that activity. You can then message the person, favorite them or like them and when you both like each other a connection in made. However, with LuvByrd there doesn’t have to be a connection to start a conversation. You can chat with anyone at any time.

Why is LuvByrd a great option for the college user?

College students tend to be very active, LuvByrd gives them a chance to find someone new and someone who also enjoys the same activities they do.

You’re not just the founder of the site, but you use it as well. Can you tell us about how LuvByrd has actually worked for you?

I’m probably the ultimate success story for the site. I met my girlfriend back in the beta stage of LuvByrd and we’ve been dating ever since (2.5 years). Before LuvByrd I was always looking for someone who I could chase down the mountain and someone who could chase me down, and because of LuvByrd we both found that.

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