7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Asked For Prayers Before Getting Life-Changing Medical Scan

Ava Bright Lee, a 7-year-old cancer patient from Chicago, has gotten a ton of support from strangers after issuing a video plea for prayers before heading to get a life-changing medical scan. Despite what this election season has taught us, there is still some faith left in humanity.

Ava Bright Lee was diagnosed with Biphenotypic Leukemia when she was just five years old. Despite successful chemotherapy treatments, radiation and an organ transplant, Lee relapsed with Leukemia Cutis and found out last week that a medical scan will determine whether or not doctors would continue with her treatment.

“Hi everyone. Tomorrow I’m going to get a PET scan and we really need it to be clear so we can go to transplant,” she explains in the now viral Facebook video. “I was wondering if you could pray for me.”

According to doctors, if the scan came back clean, they would be able to proceed with a transplant, if tumors were found, the young girl would have no other option but to return home for palliative care.

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In response, Lee received more than 6,000 messages of support from people all over the world, and on Thursday she got what she wanted most of all: a clear medical scan.

“The doctors talked to us today about how this is just the first step in the process,” Lee’s parents wrote in response to the results. “Remember that five to ten per cent chance of survival? Those are still our odds. We should celebrate in measure. But, heck no! I will celebrate now! Because no matter how many battles lie ahead, we won this one right now!”

The post ended with, “Thank you so much for taking this first step with us across the treacherous terrain towards a cure for Ava Bright Lee!”

The little girl is expected to get a transplant in the next few weeks.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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