Election Continues To Be Offensive To The Very End Thanks To Trump’s Digital Director

Women have been a major target this presidential election, especially for Donald Trump, who apparently loves grabbing them all by the p*ssy. Between his chauvinistic remarks about “nasty women” and the amount of sexual assault cases he’s about to have on his hands, it’s no surprise that Trump and the rest of his camp wouldn’t change their ways before the end of this thing. Which is exactly why we’re not surprised that Brad Parscale, Trump’s digital director, used a horribly timed metaphor to describe how close the race in Miami-Dade County was during a Bloomberg Businessweek interview.

First he told the magazine that the Trump campaign sees a “large number of persuadable voters” in the county, which will be crucial for him to win if he wants to take Florida. But as we’ve all found out these last few months, the race is still unpredictable, and Parscale is not ashamed to admit it. That’s when he dropped the bombshell.

“It will be close,” he said. “It’s like predicting your wife’s mood. You have no idea what you’re going to get until you get home.”

Wow. We were so close, weren’t we?! To ending this thing with the small amount of dignity and faith in humanity we had left? Amazing how there can be one last jab before we all cast our vote. Hopefully my female hysteria doesn’t get the best of me, right?! After all, we’re so moody and hormonal, who knows what can happen?!

Thankfully it’s all close to being over. Go vote, people!

[H/T: The Cut]

Presidential Election Results: Date, Time & TV Channel
Presidential Election Results: Date, Time & TV Channel
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