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Celebrities Who Voted Loud & Proud

Celebrity Voting Photos


In case you haven’t already heard it 10,000 times today, it’s Election Day! And the polls are in full swing. If you’ve already voted today (or just in general), congratulations! Way to exercise your civic right. If you haven’t, make sure to do it! You can find out when polls in your area open and close here. Make sure to get your voice heard!

If your life literally depending on this election was convincing enough for you to get you ass to the polls, maybe these overly proud celebs will do the trick. After all, they’re pretty damn convincing in every other aspect of their lives, so why not in this way? These 18 celebs are showing off their voting stickers, getting the word out there and making one last effort to get their candidates elected with social media posts that will make you proud to get your own voice heard. Just remember — when you cast your vote, don’t pull a Justin Timberlake and take a selfie with your voting ballot. But please, gram that sticker to your heart’s content!

Check out the below celebrities who voted and are proud of it. If you haven’t done so yourself, get out there and vote!

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