People Are Freaking Out Over This Instagram Photo Of Rihanna With Her Niece

While the majority of America has been at each other’s throats this election season, several have just taken a step back from bashing their neighbors to throw tantrums about one of Rihanna‘s latest Instagram posts. Because that aggression has to go somewhere, right? Might as well come out while trolling social media.

The self-proclaimed family girl is constantly visiting her relatives when she’s not working, and her family has done the same for her, but there’s one person Rihanna has a very clear soft spot for: her adorable baby niece, Majesty. Between making appearances in her Instagram photos and on her Snapchat videos, we are equally as in love with Majesty as Rihanna is, but a recent post has many up in arms.

The photo in question features Rihanna kissing Majesty while she’s in a bathtub. The problem people have with it? Both are seen completely nude.

If you ask us, it’s an innocent photo featuring unconditional love, as Rihanna also states in her Instagram photo. But to other commenters, it’s “gross” and “sick.” Mature!

“Never would I post my daughter on social media like this.#RespectLost,” one commenter wrote, before adding “Child porn… This should be reported.” Another wrote, “Dont [sic] kiss children in their mouth not good,” while a separate commenter said “Why the hell is she naked !?? Weird.”

Guys, really? Stop trying to sexualize a photo of a little girl with her aunt. What’s weird is that you see it as a sexual thing rather than an innocent family photo. Thankfully those commenters are the minority; others have praised the picture for being “gorgeous,” “sweet” and “precious.”

What do you think about the post? Sound off in the comments below.

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