FSU Frat Guy Is Facing the Death Penalty After Getting High & Eating Someone Else’s Face

Do you remember the 19-year-old fraternity brother from Florida State University who stabbed a married couple and then tried to eat the victims’ face?

Authorities believe that Austin Harrouff was high on flakka when he attacked and killed John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon on August 15. It took four officers to wrestle him off of Stevens and they described him as being abnormally strong.

Flakka is a man-made drug made from a chemical called alpha-PVP, and gives users a similar sensation to high-grade crystal meth. It also has the same detrimental effects, as well as kidney failure. Flakka can be snorted, injected, or smoked, and the first reported cases of the drug emerged around a year ago in Florida.

Harrouff was in a coma for 11 days after the attack, and a series of YouTube videos have since surfaced of him talking about his obsession with bodybuilding and using steroids. He was originally arrested and charged with second-degree murder. But the Sun Sentinel reported that the charge has been raised to first-degree, and Stevens’ son is pushing for the death penalty.

[h/t EliteDaily]

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