This Woman Lost 137lbs. After She Stopped Drinking Vodka & Eating Hangover Food

After dropping alcohol and carbs to the waist side, Misty Mitchell, a 36-year-old online weight loss coach from Wimberley, Texas, dropped 137 lbs. and looks like an entirely different person.

Before changing her lifestyle, Mitchell weighed a whopping 296 lbs. due mostly in part to excessive alcohol consumption and the accompanied hangover food that comes with it. At her heaviest, Mitchell struggled to get into her car seat and had difficulties putting on her own socks because of her large frame.

“I was eating all day, then drinking by night, then because I was hungover I was eating badly – it was a terrible cycle and amounted to me consuming a lot of calories,” she explained. “On my worst days I probably drank around half a liter of vodka, which equates to an additional 1,000 empty calories on top of my poor diet.”

She added, “When I was hungover I would feel this massive hunger that couldn’t be sated and some days I would eat all day without getting full. I wasn’t making healthy food choices. I would eat tacos, burgers, fried food, ice cream, just anything all day long. I ate constantly until my stomach hurt, then when it would ease up I would start eating again.”

But last year, after recovering from surgery for a herniated spinal disk she decided to make a change.

Mitchell instantly quit drinking and indulging in carbs, fixed her diet and started lifting weights. She reduced her fat percentage from 60 to 25, and now weighs 159 lbs. Not only does she look healthier, but she also looks younger.

“I look so different now, no one believes me when I tell them I’m 36, which is great because I looked middle-aged less than two years ago,” she said during a recent interview. “I look really good, most people tell me I look like I’ve lost a lot years off my age or that I look like I’m in my 20s. My family are floored, when I share pictures online they can’t believe it’s me.”

She continued, “Even I can see the difference, now I have a clearly defined neck and jaw bone which is really encouraging. Before, I had a large lizard chin and you couldn’t see my neck at all. ‘In just over a year I went from around 60 per cent body fat to around 25 per cent and feel incredible. I feel like I’ve lost twenty years off my age and I certainly look that way too.”

Check out her incredible body transformation below.

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