Blac Chyna’s Delivery Will Be Caught On Camera

Blac Chyna is taking a page from Kourtney Kardashian’s book and allowing cameras inside the delivery room when she finally gives birth to her baby girl. To each their own, we guess?

According to People, a source close to the couple said that the 28-year-old expectant mother (who’s been involved in a lot of drama lately) will allow her fiancé Rob Kardashian and reality TV cameras to be in the delivery room when she gives birth. Throughout the couple’s reality show, Blac Chyna’s pregnancy has played a large role. Not only did the two reveal the sex of their baby on TV, but they also divulged very private information, including the results of a paternity test. So obviously a look inside the delivery room is the next step for Rob & Chyna.

According to the same source, the birth or some part of the birthing process will be filmed for the couple’s upcoming baby special, and as previously said, they’re pretty excited about their new little family.

“We definitely discussed having kids,” Chyna told People in a previous interview. “Rob made it very clear that he wanted to have a baby. Babies, actually! He wants me to have, like, four.”

“If I had found somebody at 19, I would have wanted the same thing then. But I never found anybody,” Kardashian added. “Part of life is to build a family and have kids. And I thank God that we’re able to,” he said. “It’s very exciting to me to be a first-time dad.”

Honestly, we can’t say we’re entirely surprised when it comes to the filmed delivery. After all, Blac Chyna is entering a family with no shame when it comes to the things they put on TV. When you agree to have your lives recorded, you agree to a loss of privacy. But personally, I could do without cameras filming that one time I squeezed a watermelon out of my hoo-ha.

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