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These Three New Features Will Make Your Instagram Stories So Much Better

instagram updates new features


Who knew that the process of sharing filtered photos could be made even better?

Instagram set out to do just that with the photo posting process. The app just announced three new features that help make sharing photos an even more social and engaging experience. Instagram unveiled that the Boomerang feature, @ mentions and “see more” links can now be incorporated into Instagram Stories.

We have all of the details for you on the latest in selfie-worthy news.


Instagram Stories New Feature Boomer


The Boomerang feature isn’t exactly new to Instagram, as it’s been around for a while now. Until this point, though, you couldn’t use the Boomerang feature for Instagram Stories. That’s all changed! You can make all of the hilarious Boomerang vids that you want and have them included in your Story.

@ Mentions

Instagram Stories New Feature Mentions


Another new feature included in this gift that Instagram has bestowed upon us is being able to “@ mention” someone within your Instagram Story. With this feature, you can finally tag someone within your Story. When you’re tagged by someone you’ll get a notification. Once you’re tagged, people can tap on your username and be redirected to your profile. The good thing is you can only tag someone in your own post, you can’t tag someone in someone else’s Story. This way you won’t get a bunch of random tags and notifications.

“See More” Links

Instagram Stories New Feature See More Links


The last feature isn’t readily available to all just yet. With this feature (which is currently available to only a select few, such as celebs and other verified users), you can insert a link at the bottom of a post within your Instagram Story. A “see more” tab will show up at the bottom of your post, which a user can swipe up on in order to be directed to a specified link. This will make it way easier to promote products or pass along more info within an Instagram Story. Let’s hope that this feature will come everyone’s way soon!

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