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Election Sorrows? Find Out Where You Can Bathe In A Pool Of Wine And Drown Your Worries


wine pool

We all know wine has healing properties, but this is taking it to a new level.

There’s actually a spa where you can bathe yourself in a pool of wine, which we all kind of need after this stressful election season. And let’s be honest, at least half of this country is in need of a vacation.

Just book your flight to Japan and head to the Yunessun Spa Resort, where dreams are reality. You’ll enjoy pools, jacuzzis, and saunas like a typical spa, but you’ll be soaking in some more tasty liquids like wine, hot sake, green tea, and coffee.

Located about 60 miles west of Tokyo, this ridiculous “spa theme park” is said to have anti-aging properties and rejuvenating effects, so it’s really win-win.

No matter who is president, this is a bucket list item for sure.

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.