The 15 Hottest Photos of Bernie Sanders on Instagram

Bernie Sanders, how we love you.

We don’t know about you, but we definitely felt the Bern this year and consider him to be one of the most inspiring politicians of the 21st century. And probably of all time, really. Born in Brooklyn, Sanders has fought his entire life for the middle class, college students, the LGBTQ community, civil and women’s rights, political justice, progressive economic policies and the list goes on and on. Bernie shook up the Democratic party this year when he gave Hillary Clinton an incredibly tough race for the presidential Democratic nomination, inspiring a nation-wide movement in the process. And although he lost the Democratic nomination, Bernie continues to stand at the forefront of the American political stage and fight for change.

So if the Bern lights your political fire, or if you need a bit of cheering up in the wake of the election results, check out these 15 hottest photos of the glorious, majestic and downright beautiful Bernie Sanders.

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