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HBO’s First Trailer For the New ‘Beware the Slenderman’ Documentary Is Creepy AF

HBO Slender Man Doc


We’re sorry in advance, because you’re definitely going to have trouble falling asleep after watching the first trailer for HBO’s new documentary “Beware the Slenderman.”

The HBO documentary follows the story about a fictional online character, “Slenderman,” who reportedly inspired two young girls in Wisconsin to attempt murder by stabbing their fellow classmate 19 times.

HBO Beware the Slenderman


Morgan Geyer and Anissa Weier, who were both 12 years old at the time of the attempted murder, became obsessed with the “Slenderman” horror meme—a fictional phantom-like character who became popular online after being shared across a variety of Internet forums—and tried to murder their classmate in order to prove his existence.

HBO Beware the Slenderman


The victim, Payton Leutner, was only 11 years old at the time, but survived the attack after gathering enough strength to crawl over to a nearby bike path where someone discovered her. Geyer and Weier had lured Leutner to the woods after a birthday party sleepover. Geyer and Weier, now 14 years old, face charges of first-degree attempted murder and both are being tried as adults.

In the new HBO documentary trailer the “Slenderman” figure makes numerous, incredibly creepy appearances. HBO is said to be releasing the documentary on January 23, 2017. You can watch the full “Beware the Slenderman” trailer below.

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