Millions Of Concerned Citizens Are Signing A Petition That Asks The Electoral College To Vote For Hillary Clinton

Many people thought that the stress caused by this election cycle would subside on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. When Donald Trump managed to win the presidency, protests broke out across the country, with many┬ástunned and angered by the results. Some took that passion and decided to create a petition calling for the Electoral College to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump.

As of right now, the petition has over two million signatures and is closing in on its goal of three million supporters. The petition is asking the Electors, who convene on December 19 to cast their ballots for President (which are dictated by how the voters in their state vote), to go against what has been decided in the election.

Now, the Electors would technically have the option to do this, but how could it realistically happen? In 24 states, the decision is binding. This means that what the citizens of their respective states or districts have voted for must be what they pledge in the Electoral College in December. However, if they go against what they voted for, they would just have to pay a fine. Other states do not have this rule in place and the Electors have the option to ignore what the people voted for.

They’re asking the Electors to follow what the people actually want, in reference to the fact that Clinton won the majority of the popular vote. They also state that this needs to be the outcome because Trump is “unfit to serve” in more than one way and that “there is no reason Trump should be President.”

There’s a slim to none chance that anything could come out of this petition. But, the fact that there is even a petition about this shows that Trump’s rhetoric has been extremely divisive in this country. A great majority of Americans (*coughpopularvotecough*) are scared about the outcome of this election, scared enough to do something about it.

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