Why No One Should Ever Date Jax Taylor From ‘Vanderpump Rules’

One of the best shows on television returned on Monday when Vanderpump Rules premiered its fifth season. We seriously missed all of our favorite Bravolebrities. They got straight into the drama on the season premiere, and it came as no surprise that resident bad boy Jax Taylor was at the center of it. He teased that his girlfriend Brittany hooked up with Kristen (a claim which Brittany denies) and almost came to blows with James. He was out of control and it’s only the season premiere! Who knows what kind of trouble Jax will get into on this season of the show? We don’t know exactly what’ll he’ll do next but we have a feeling we’ll be both laughing and cringing at his actions, as usual.

Jax may be one of our favorites on Vanderpump Rules but that’s mostly because we can enjoy his crazy antics from afar. We can’t imagine being in his inner circle, let alone dating him. Imagine all of the drama that he’d put you through. No thanks! Here’s why no one should date the hot and hilarious disaster that is Jax Taylor.

He’s cheated before…. on Stassi!

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor

How could anyone forget the drama caused by Jax’s infidelities in the earlier seasons on Vanderpump Rules? Jax and Stassi used to have a pretty tumultuous relationship. It all came crashing down for the two of them when he finally admitted to cheating on her with some girl in Vegas. As if that wasn’t enough to seal their fate, it was then revealed that Jax also slept with her good friend Kristen. It’s a minor miracle that the three of them are friends now, considering everything that went on with them. Still, even though Stassi’s forgiven him and moved on, we can’t help but wonder if Jax would pull a stunt like this in another relationship.

He’s not very dependable or responsible.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor

Anyone remember last season’s Hawaii incident? Yeah, we haven’t forgotten. Jax went to jail on the group’s trip to Hawaii after he stole a pair of sunglasses. That was just ridiculous. Add this to the countless number of fights he’s gotten into over the years and you can see how rash his behavior is. He would be too much to keep up with! Anyway, we wouldn’t want to date someone that we can’t even depend on to be mature enough to not steal a pair of sunglasses.

He’ll lie and probably spill your secrets.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor

As stated before, Jax has pretty loose lips. He’s told everyone he could about his girlfriend Brittany’s apparent hook up with Kristen. Brittany wasn’t too happy about this. She made it clear about how annoyed she was that it was her own boyfriend that was spreading the “rumors” about her. This comes after Jax has lied countless times about… Well, almost everything. At this point, we wouldn’t even know if he was telling the truth or not. That doesn’t signify great relationship material.

We love you, Jax. We just don’t think we could date you.

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