Kendall Jenner Just Spent $52,000 on the Weirdest Couch We’ve Ever Seen

Kendall Jenner is definitely at the forefront of the fashion world, and all of the fabulously strange and beautiful trends that come with it. Now, she is bringing that cutting edge esthetic into her newly-purchased Los Angeles mansion.

The supermodel and Keeping Up With the Kardashians star recently purchased a show-stopping furniture piece for her entry room and the result is definitely eye-catching.

Jenner decided to splurge on a jaw-dropping velvet couch, designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana, immediately upon seeing it, according to E! News:

“Recently, I realized I’d been really good and came in way under budget on my furniture allowance. I got super excited and bought another amazing couch. One day, I just had a vision about the entry room and knew exactly what it needed. As soon as I saw the couch, I fell in love. The ‘Boa’ by Edra couch is all woven and a really groovy navy with purple shimmer. It works perfectly in the space! I still have a long way to go, but am having so much fun along the way!”

We can’t even imagine what her budget was, considering that the “Boa” b y Edra woven couch set Jenner back a cool $52,000. For some of us, a splurge means getting a PSL at Starbucks, but for Jenner that means dropping someone’s entire yearly salary on a weird couch blanket. Good for her, I guess.

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