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People Are Rehashing Their Election Anxiety On Twitter With ‘Only In America’ Trend

Donald Trump Twitter

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

It’s been a rough few days since the election results were announced and America is still conflicted. Between protests, post-it walls of emotion, petitions to end the electoral college and general disbelief, the country is more divided than it was during election season, a feat not easy to conquer.

Today, Graydon Carter penned an essay titled “Graydon Carter on Trump’s ‘Only in America’ Election Win” for Vanity Fair, explaining how Donald Trump prevailed despite some shocking and challenging hurdles. He ends his exasperated list with, “Do not tell me America is no longer a land of opportunity,” a hard line to swallow.

People have since taken to Twitter to respond with “Only in America,” tweeting everything from disdain to recent protests to an inability to believe that a man who had his Twitter account taken away from him by staff is able to be given nuclear codes.

Here are some of the reactions:

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