More Than 400 Million Users Of Numerous Adult Websites Are On The Verge Of Being Exposed After Hack

Numerous websites in the “FriendFinder” network — including Adult FriendFinder, Stripshow, Penthouse and iCams —  have been hacked and more than 400 million users’ identities are at stake of being revealed online.

“FriendFinder users should genuinely be concerned that people outside of the affected company know they registered to such a website,” a representative from the website Leaked Source told Wired. They reportedly received the information from an anonymous “underground source” who stole users’ usernames, passwords and email addresses. While it’s not currently published, there’s still reason to worry. “In no cases are we ever the only ones with leaked user data.”

The data includes more than 339 million accounts on, the self-proclaimed “largest sex and swinger community” online, along with tens of millions accounts from and Users who once registered on one of the sites but eventually deleted their accounts may also be affected. According to Leaked Source, roughly 15 million of the breached usernames and passwords belong to users who intended to delete their accounts at one point in time, but whose information was still held by the FriendFinder network.

Last summer Ashley Madison — a Canada-based dating service for those looking to have something extra on the side — was hacked and 37 million people had their address and emails exposed to the world. To say chaos ensued would be an understatement. It was revealed that Josh Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting had a profile with Ashley Madison and a whole lot of dirty secrets came out from there. Snooki’s husband Jionni LaValle was also outed as having an account, while three people committed suicide over the data breach.

According to Wired, this is even worse. “FriendFinder’s data debacle represents nearly 13 times as many accounts as the Ashley Madison breach,” writer Andy Greenberg explained. “FriendFinder users can only hope that the leaked data remains relatively hidden. In the Ashley Madison case, by contrast, data was widely circulated and even made searchable on a highly trafficked website.”

So yeah… this isn’t great. Fingers crossed Josh Duggar is outed again.

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