This Female Body Builder Has Somehow Achieved ‘Zero Percent Body Fat’

You know what I love most in life? Laying around watching Netflix while indulging in some good old-fashioned comfort food. Please give me all of the cheeseburgers, french fries, ice cream cones and bowls of macaroni and cheese you can find. You know what comes in at number two? Not going to the gym. Seriously, I hate those damn machines. Unless there’s some Nicki Minaj playing in a room with all mirrors and I’m given the opportunity to dance my ass off, I’m not interested. Keep your weights for someone who can stand building upper body strength.

However, despite my disdain, there are others who make their whole lives about their fitness routine. Good for them though, way to stay motivated! I wish I had that kind of willpower. But some people take it to the next level, like this female body builder, who managed to acquire a physique with “zero percent body fat.”

That’s right. Zero f*cking percent. Because that’s totally a thing you can live through.

Who knew that was even possible, right? Just to put things into perspective, a healthy body fat percentage for women ages 20-39 ranges between 21 and 33 percent. So yeah… this claim is wild, but we appreciate over-exaggeration.

As you can tell from the photos below, the woman is totally ripped. Her crazy bod started going viral on LiveLeak after a flexing video put her washboard abs, impressive muscles and very lean build on display. However, despite the initial “WTF that’s incredible!” reaction you probably got from watching the video, others have questioned if her health was in danger.

“The dietary discipline to get very low is nuts ( nobody is at 0 especially a woman ) but its [sic] unhealthy and ugly,” one commenter wrote, while another described her build as a “step too far,” while adding that it was “bad for her body.”

Others admired her dedication, with one viewer writing “It’s her life though, so more power to her.” Yeah… we’re siding with them. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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