This Woman Got Revenge On Her Ex By Posting His Nudes To His New Wife’s Company Facebook Page

Kaylea Reid is not to be messed with. After a bad breakup, Reid sought revenge on her ex in the most savage way possible. The 26-year-old was so pissed at her “ex-boyfriend” that she posted his nude photos to his new wife’s company Facebook page. Unfortunately her revenge plot came with pretty awful consequences; she was just convicted of a revenge porn offense.

According to Elite Daily, the Ipswich Magistrates’ Court revealed that Reid had a sexy flirtation with her boss Robert Page, where she worked alongside him as a support worker for Affinity Trust, a learning disability charity, in November 2015. While working there, Reid broke up with her boyfriend and Page became “a shoulder to cry on.” Unsurprisingly that quickly escalated to constant sexts on WhatsApp.

“He managed to get hold of her mobile phone number and then he started texting. The texts become flirtatious and things developed,” Paul Booty, the lawyer who represented Reid, told the court. He then went on to say that Page couldn’t quit his sidepiece habit and continued to text Reid even after he got married, one text allegedly stating that he wished she was actually his wife instead of the woman he walked down the aisle with.

Likely story, Page.

Eye roll

Sadly, as we all know, nothing gold can stay. Reid was fired from Affinity Trust on October 5th and to get revenge, she posted two naked photos of Page to Broadwater Tool Supplies, his new wife’s company Facebook page. According to reports, the woman had just become the new director of the company and up to 4,000 people could have seen the photos of Page’s junk. To make things even worse, Reid also tagged Page’s colleagues in the photos to really embarrass the hell out of him.

The defense team claimed that Reid had felt taken advantage of by her former boss and posted the photos in an attempt to “be heard.” Despite similar offenders getting up to two years in jail, Reid was given a more lenient punishment. She was sentenced to a conditional discharge for six months and ordered to pay Page a victim surcharge fee of roughly $25.

Moral of the story: think before you sext.

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