The 5 Best Healthy Hacks For Avoiding The Thanksgiving Weight Gain

Even though Thanksgiving is all about the food, you shouldn’t have to spend the holiday worrying about gaining weight or sacrificing flavor. It can be tough to remain healthy during the Thanksgiving feast, particularly when faced with a tempting plate of sweet potatoes (marshmallows…. yes, please!), a pile of mashed potatoes and stuffing for stuffing your face. That’s not even factoring in the leftovers which turn a holiday’s worth of indulging into a week’s worth of meals.

Thanksgiving isn’t exactly about making good diet choices, but it doesn’t have to come down to a day spent worrying about gaining weight and enjoying the meal. There are plenty of healthy and simple tricks for saving yourself stress without depriving yourself of the very best recipes.

Whether you’re all about the next-day turkey sandwich or live for buttery mashed potatoes, these tips and tricks will help you hack the dinner table this Thanksgiving to have a meal you won’t feel guilty about. And you’ll still get to have a slice of pie. You’re welcome.

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