This Female Lawyer Is Under Fire For Being ‘Too Sexy’ On Her Instagram Page

Welcome to 2016, where women can be smart, beautiful and embrace their sexuality as they see fit. The world may be haywire at the moment, with Donald Trump being the 45th President of the United States, climate change being a serious threat to humanity and the fact that the Rock is somehow still making movies, but we’ve at least come to a time in history where women can be their true selves regardless of the patriarch. If only things stopped and ended there, right?

Yarden Haham is a successful Israel-based lawyer, but her Instagram page is getting her into some trouble; apparently it’s too sexy for viewers to handle and people are complaining about it. Because female lawyers can’t be smart and professional, and sexy in their free time.

Sounds absurd, right? I mean, why can’t we have it all? Why can’t people leave it alone? Don’t you want a hot lawyer?! Isn’t that just an added bonus?!?! Apparently not. Though Haham still continues to practice law, she’s faced with serious hate from internet trolls. Luckily her loyal (and relatively new) social media following has her back.

Since her photos went viral online, Haham’s Instagram account has acquired a whopping 122k followers and a ton of supportive comments from strangers. In-between work photos and beach selfies, Haham also shares her passion for dance, the gym, and delicious food. In short: she’s our kind of girl.

Way to stand up for yourself Yarden Haham and keep the sexy selfies coming. You can slay all day in all aspects of your life, and we totally support you. GIRL POWER!

Check out her Instagram photos below.

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