This Man Suspected That His Wife Was Cheating, So He Followed Her With A Secret Drone

So this is sad. A man suspected that his wife was cheating on him, so instead of hiding out in the bushes trying to catch her making out with some stranger, he had his secret drone follow her. Spoiler alert: the footage was not great.

In a heartbreaking Reddit post, a man posted video footage that showed his wife of 18 years getting into an unknown car with some guy. “Used my drone to catch my wife meeting a guy at the local CVS,” he explains in the beginning of the video. “She had been getting called in early to work more often the past couple weeks, and then I got a call from someone telling me something was going on.”

He continued, “I tried to follow her a couple times prior but both times she went to work, so I’m not sure if she was getting tipped off or I was just unlucky.” So as a last resort, he used a drone to follow her one day. The moment he sees her get into the unknown car is absolutely heartbreaking.

“If you watch carefully, you’re going to see 18 years go right down the f*cking drain. Watch,” he yelled. “There it goes. 18 years. Gone.”

Ugh. So. Freaking. Sad. Moral of the story: don’t cheat, especially if your SO has a drone. Check out the full video below.

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